Our Editor-In-Chief, Vikita Shahani, is also an Architect by study and has always advocated for a green and sustainable future. With new renewable energy agendas being announced to increased emphasis on producing low emission buildings, the time now is ripe for green vendors to enter the market. Using the hashtag #GreenFuture, we would like for you to also get involved:

1) Share your big idea for sustainable development and why you think it could change your industry! Need some inspiration? Check out: http://rendezvouswithv.com/index.php/2015/05/11/hot-discussions-challenges-and-opportunities-of-sustainable-development-in-the-uae/

2) Which project/product do you love the most? And why do you think it deserves a special mention?

Email us at rendezvouswithv@hotmail.com! We look forward to seeing your submissions.