Expos have traditionally been a platform to showcase a country’s development across industry sectors to the world stage. Starting with the Golden Era of Expos where visitors entered sites and were transformed by wonder, entertainment and education to today where themes, global participation and innovating to address current challenges form the essence of the World Expos.

Dubai being no stranger to hosting world-class events, will now play host city for Expo 2020 with the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’. Being a resident since I was born, I’ve seen Dubai evolve and bring one landmark after another to its skyline, has been an absolute pleasure. Dubai is known for innovation and in the lead up to 2020, we can see them pushing the boundaries of Architecture and Design with every project announcement, be it 3D printed offices, Dubai Museum of the Future, Dubai Frame or Dubai Theme Parks. If Dubai isn’t busy breaking a record, it’s busy making one … that is the charm of the city that literally rose from a bare infrastructure into the stunning metropolis you see today. Now with Expo 2020’s sub themes of ‘Mobility’, ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Sustainability’, the agendas include sustainable future development and possibilities for all demographics.

The Expo team’s primary priority includes creating legacies and as a result, they’ve designated over 200 hectares to public realm which will appeal to families and business communities alike while also heightening visitor engagement thru events, which will encompass B2B, educational and cultural options while also exuding the essence of the individual sub-themes. In an effort to make this a truly global expo, they are looking at having 200 participants showcasing their countries on site of which there will be 182 nations, corporate, academic and not-for-profit organizations. 70% of their attendance will be from abroad and 30% local, whereas previous expos such as Shanghai was reverse. Mandated to provide an exceptional event, they intend for the Expo 2020 to have a lasting economic impact, creation of jobs and more importantly, being a regional win especially since this is the first time the Expo is being held in the Middle East, the team is focused on long-term social development, innovation of industries, cultural impact, empowering youth to help with planning and executing the Expo.

I strongly believe in bringing forth local talent and providing opportunities, this should definitely become an inspiration not only for countries, but cities and individual organizations to create launchpads for individual participation allowing them to bring forth unique capabilities that can aid to collective growth. Try to ensure you motivate those around you to perform and exceed expectations, it is only be inspiring one another that we can create an exceptional city with a talented pool of individuals, corporations and entities that co-exist, collaborate and co-create.

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