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Hope all of you enjoyed the weekend, here in Dubai, everyone was busy catching the latest movies, taking road trips and enjoying many cultural celebrations. This weekend also marked the start of Navratri, an Indian festival observed for 9 days and marks the victory of good. Our newsfeeds and phones were swamped with goodwill messages, as people across all faiths shared their sentiments and blessings.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in a home that cherished tradition, cultural diversity and morality as much as education, empowerment and family ties. As a result, I grew up in a beautiful family, that at its core was philanthropic, emphatic and invested love in all relationships … with family, friends and otherwise. It therefore came as no surprise when I decided to write a post on cross-cultural dialogue, as I firmly believe it is at the core of every individual. It is often assumed to be reserved for world leaders, UN speakers and ambassadors, however, it matters more than any university degree and or any achievement we may acquire.

Each of us has the moral obligation to be global citizens, because when you are, you begin to interact with people across all cultures, backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. It builds a space of mutual sharing and allows you to debunk myths, doubts and break down barriers that lie between us. Making the effort to shut away any preconceived notions and engaging in meaningful dialogue, means that you open your mind to viewpoints and opinions that stem from everyone’s unique experiences.

It shows people that you care, that they matter and that their background is one to be cherished and shared rather than hidden. Cross-cultural dialogue and acceptance is often at the core of strong relationships, both on a nation wide and individual level. It allows you to work with your colleagues, love your neighbours and understand your friends at a more deeper level. Understanding new perspectives brings dimension to your own mindset, which in turn refines your own values and enriches your approach.

Unity among ourselves is a superpower, that can be the firm foundation towards a resilient future. Creative engagement and leadership on this front strengthens the bonds of humanity and when you can empathize with someone regardless of status, stature or background, you do something only the extraordinary can do. People’s background is an inextricable part of their identity and I truly believe, it takes someone incredible to rise above, communicate without judgement and be a role model … without a fancy title.

Goodness is powerful, acceptance is magical and global bonds … changes the world.

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