March is the month celebrations all around and nothing compares to an awesome bash on the rooftop. Reshma, the new brand ambassador for Ayshka Vi and Ishi’s threw an epic celebration at the Hilton Inn where the creme de la creme of Dubai society was present. The evening was marked with the hottest fashion trends that many guests were adorned in, the killer vibe and weather while many grooved to the latest music tracks. Perhaps what stood out the most is the sheer level of warmth and love, as many guests spent the evening recounting stories of their shared friendships and the host’s incredibly journey. Reshma has signed on many collaborations and will soon be seen working in partnership with local TV shows as well, from her family and friends – we wish her all the success in her endeavors and hope she triumphs.

The paparazzi was all around to capture the event and below are some exclusive images:


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