For a few months now, we’ve been reaching out to authors in an effort to promote global literacy and to kindle a passion in reading, poetry and story writing. Going back several years when technology didn’t consume our lives, reading classics and a wide variety of genres was a common practice while going to the library, book clubs and lending favourite paperbacks was the norm. Today, unfortunately, reading on ipads and watching the movie version of books has taken over and this has led to fewer people immersing themselves in a world of literature. In an effort to slowly change that, we are closely working with author, Renu Reddy, who has penned some stunning short story pieces and poetry for all of you. The tale below is one of her recent works and we truly hope you enjoy this. To show your support, do drop your thoughts in the comments.

The rain is pouring heavily so as to drench my inner fumes with its compassion trying to ease the wounds of untold stories of the heart where eventually shaming me of the shadows of loneliness. Tossing and turning in the bed at 1 A.M. I repulsively dismissed the ghosts of past and tried to retrieve the comfort in the warmth of my bed. The sole devoted relationship I have ever survived is with my sleep although occasionally it forsakes me yet it endorse me like a loyal friend. I closed my eyes to the emptiness hallowing around me and fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of alarm, its 8 o ‘clock in the

morning. I completed my mundane routine and headed to yoga studio. I never anticipated the approached fateful day that will alter my life entirely in future. I was practising those breathing techniques which are entitled to calm me but unamusingly I felt quiet and on the spur of moment I was on the floor passed out. When I woke up I was fenced in by both curious and concerned audience. I steadily gathered the strength of both my soul and body and I sighed them alright. An elderly man volunteered a ride but I thanked him for his assistance and started to walk away. However he politely called me again and conveyed his concern about visible signs of both my physical and emotional wreckage. “I m a professional therapist”, he said although not in practise now. He extended his hand and assured me by convincing into talking about it and handed me his visiting card. I pulled a face displaying my soreness accountable for the pesky suggestion and walked away. I was overcrowded with emotions even to notice my appetite and straight away went to the comfort of my bed and fell asleep.

Next day I woke up and checked the alarm, it must have retreated as it was almost late afternoon. I leisurely got out of my bed and later my routine prepared a green tea while the whirlpool of emotions commenced to emerge out of shallows to submerge me. I started to probe into the situation cynically as in-spite of alternative methods of healing I was yet fragile. The visiting card caught my gaze which was presented by the elderly man and chuckled at it. He must be desperate to evidence his cognitive acquisition but I m not one of those preys to confront the therapy crap. I craved for bitter intensity of a chocolate where I delighted myself in the aroma of Swiss dark chocolate rich in cocoa and without realizing I was in tears. In a flash of second I was sobbing in frantic fashion and the three dimensional world ceased abruptly and I fainted again.

I woke up in the early morning; it was 6 A.M. I moonily went to prepare green tea and insignificantly remembered about the visiting card. For an instance I entertained the thoughts of exploring the support of therapy after all I got nothing to lose. I googled his full name Doctor Robert Samuel M.B.B.S. and M.D. in Psychiatry and Speciality in psychoanalysis. This lessened my distrust as he got extraordinary medical accomplishments and reputation which was entirely unforeseen in my view.

I finished the morning routine and it was almost 8 A.M. I took a cab and told the address. I reached the destination in less than 20 minutes. It was a lavish independent house which captivated my eyes after all the old man have had overcharged his patients. Then I walked towards the house and rang the bell while the old doc himself opened the door but for some reason I was happy inside to see him once again. He greeted me and took me inside his living room. I was offered formal introduction with his wife and he asked me to wait for few minutes. After 15 minutes of waiting I

saw the doc dressed and he approached me and told me we are going to visit a person who would help me.

On the contrary I was surprised since I assumed he is the one who would sort me some help. I didn’t pose further questions but followed the doc and seated inside the silver car. The doc informed that it might take 1 hour to arrive at the intended location as the person prefer to desist from madness of the city life. My thoughts are racing around the strange encounter with this unknown person and the following events. So the car halted in front of a house, while we are entering I observed a beautiful patio, lush greenery, elegant architecture which nestled like a retreat to a weary soul.

As we entered the house a maid informed us to wait. After a while a serene radiant woman in her mid 40s greeted two of us. She introduced herself to me as Doctor Shyamala Devi who is medical doctor as well a holistic healer but imposingly she is a regression therapist. She invited me inside a quite room where altars of Buddha and incense are still lingering around the room. Doc sighed that he will wait outside.

Shyamala queried about the prior life events and whatsoever upheavals that had occurred in my life. She asked me to relax and started out instructions. “You will witness the emotional blockages that are tormenting you. I m assuming this is your first time in a therapy room” said the doctor. I smiled nervously concealing the conflict inside. She told me to close my eyes and relax and counted numbers backwards 10 9 8 ….1 and started guided relaxation techniques. I m now in tranquil state as my body relaxed entirely.

The Doc guided me to visualize a safe place where distinct doors are open and suggested me to go through a door which I feel gravitated. Without much resistance I marched the path and reached one of those doors, a faint light welcomed me. I entered both in wonderment and serene state. It was a beautiful place but exhibited the scenario of older century with lush greenery and a clear lake. The breeze welcomed me home. The doc hinted me to carry on and discover the places and people.

I agreed and drifted away without much effort and swiftly I was in a room with lot of art pieces which felt like I lived here earlier. The former birth must have had embraced the tremendous artistic nature as various paintings, sculptures and artefacts were enthralling.

I m hearing voices from outside and concluded it was my parents and older brother. They were discussing the usual affairs of the country which is a total bore for me while my older brother called me loud as Sara (sounds like my name). Despite anything I liked their company very much as they pampered me excessively.

I went further into timeline and I was walking in my family grape yard while I was greeted by my childhood friend Terry who visited me after his come back from foreign land. However, it was the charming stranger who accompanied him captivated my attention. Terry introduced the stranger as his distant cousin Ryan and I was mystified as Terry never hinted me about such an attractive male in his gene pool. My friend and I babbled silly conversations but the stranger except for few words and courteous smile he kept to himself. Later their exit I still have the

image of the new stranger which is something beyond beauty. It was aura of mystery and enigmatic intensity in him that electrified the presence between us. And days passed on with my time devoted to sculpting and painting.

One day in grape yard I was surprised by the sudden familiar voice that echoed my ears and when I turned around it was him smiling boyishly. I blushed like a 15 year old at the sight of him where he took delight in my shyness. “My cousin requested me to deliver the sculpting tool as he was occupied with something else”, Ryan said. I giggled and joked about Terry unrelenting adventures with girls. We both laughed our hearts out which involved Terry always getting in trouble from childhood. I invited him to show our family grape yard and he agreed happily. And as we indulged in exchange of unending interests where I discovered that we both embrace life in similar way and it was instant gravity. And time flew by so fast when I have to wave him a goodbye I was feeling blue. As though he read my heart he uttered “we will meet again”, and I replied “I will wait for you.”

This new stranger has imprinted a new sensation of passion in my heart where days and nights flew by like a dream in his presence. People noticed a radiant glow in me and my brother virtually tease me every day on my constant dreaminess.

On a predetermined black day set by the universe which I was unaware and enjoying the dinner with family, my friend Terry rushed in with his face buried in agony although his effort to conceal failed visibly. He approached me closer and said “You must come to my house with me now” however I tried to calm him down but he was in hurry and I have to accompany him along with my brother. Terry didn’t answer to any of our questions on the way to his house but my heart was sensing something terrible had occurred and I was praying inside that it shouldn’t be Ryan.

As we entered the house Terry took me inside the guest bed room. Incautious of the urgency the site of Ryan struck me like a blow. He was lying in bed pale and bleeding where he was surrounded by doctor and traumatized family members. I almost fell on my knees enduring the instant surge of emotions and my brother walked me close to Ryan. The gun was misfired during the shooting and the bullet entered his left side of chest puncturing his heart. I was feeling numb when Ryan held my hand. He said “we will meet again”. Without hesitation I uttered “I will wait for you”, while he took his last breathe in my hands. My brother insisted on returning to our home as I was in very fragile condition and could no longer hold myself together.

Time froze after I lost the dearest person to my heart. That was the last time I ever fell alive in spirit. Unanticipated a guiding angelic figure arrived in my room and I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…” I came out from regression. The doc showcased a look of relief on her face and enquired me further.

I answered her that it felt both consumed and relieved. The session helped me to relinquish deep emotional wounds by touring the old memories once again. I outpoured gratitude to her and scheduled follow up sessions and set off to home. I slept peacefully on that night however I wasn’t ascertain whether to reserve accountability for the regression therapy or not.

Weeks passed by with busy schedules in fashion business and simultaneous therapy sessions. I was feeling more in tune with myself where a deep sense of acceptance ascended my life.

It was one of those usual days at yoga studio where I completed the class and about to depart. I took the stair case and watched my cell phone blinking for attention. So I started texting my client when I literally bumped into someone. I looked up apologetically and I saw a strikingly attractive stranger who towered me like an Eiffel tower. He excused me for running into him and introduced himself. It was his first day at yoga studio and he is a surgeon. I discovered the old gravity surrounding us swiftly. He took out his hand and said “we will meet again.” without much hesitation I uttered “I will wait for you.”

We smiled like love struck high school teens who met again in a reunion. He left the room and old memories flashed in the background scene. Both of us are left with prior resonance of familiarity without much interaction.

Eventually this is a strange world with strange people filling-in the strange circumstances to unfold the magic of life between the two familiar strangers.

Until we rendezvous again,

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