12 Ways to Kick Inspiration into High Gear
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Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a good week so far, today’s post will talk about easy ways to kick start your inspiration. It can be so easy to fall into the daily rut and get absorbed into the pressures of academics or even the corporate life. With a monotonous routine perfectly wedged in place, it is often hard to get inspired to perform well or even venture into new areas of interest. Sounds familiar right? This state-of-mind can often break down the most confident of people and can become a roadblock on the route of success. At times, it can also lead to depression, negativity and a pessimistic outlook on life in general.

Its terrifying but there are simple ways to overcome this, truly allowing you to flourish in every endeavour. Suggested by our newest contributor, this list features 12 tried and tested tricks to kick your inspiration into high gear. Additionally, we decided to include some truly motivating quotes from successful individuals that we came across online during our research. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?


Surround yourself with people that inspire you, family, friends, colleagues, mentors and loved ones. The simple power of their positive presence can encourage you to be a dreamer, believer and to even aim for the stars. As your personal life coaches, they collectively can help channel your passion, spark excitement and fuel your energy. More importantly, identifying a mentor or even an idol in your chosen field will help hone your skills and provide you with a strong direction. 

Inspiration comes in many different forms but for me personally, the power of family support is unmatched. The sheer amount of wisdom, belief and boundless love I get from my loved ones is the reason I’m able to aspire and dream big. I strongly feel it is the rock solid foundation for success and one of the most enriching parts of my life. I think if we are ever going to make BOLD decisions it is by being inspired, by phenomenal individuals both in our personal lives and in other walks of life, who ignite our passion and help us to craft a clear direction for ourselves – Vikita Shahani, Founder of Rendezvous With V

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Even the word ‘impossible’, has I’m Possible etched in it. Everyone has one-of-a-kind talents that makes them unique – taking note of your abilities and turning them into your biggest strength can be one the most instrumental things you can do. This mindset shift can be one of the most life-changing experiences, truly altering your approach to any challenge or situation.

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I did pick up very early signs that I had a way to charm the lenders or partners to come and join hands; and whether it was a bank manager or a partner from abroad, I could generally seek a lot of credit from them –  Sunil Mittal, founder, Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprises   media, blog, dubai, entrepreneur, inspiring people


We all travel to reach a particular destination but forget to make the journey worthwhile. The obstacles, the hurdles, the roads, the people we meet along the way all inspire us. It’s the odyssey filled with risks and wrong directions but when you reach the destination, it all turns bountiful. Enjoying the little pleasures of life along with being appreciative will make every step forward seem exciting.

I am not perfect. Like most people, I too have bad days. I make mistakes. I often apologize. But when I am going through such a day, I think back to my younger days, and those dreams that I had and still have: the dream of being like my dad. And somehow I manage to pick myself up and keep going – Navin Valrani, CEO of ESG Al Shirawi Group

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Having an open mind will allow you to embrace, understand and even evolve with changing times. This optimistic attitude will broaden your perspective to new possibilities and better yet will heighten your energy and enthusiasm. Inspiration comes to those willing to accept new ideas which in totality creates a truly positive outlook to life.

As I got older I began to realise that not everybody has had the same opportunities as I have had. I wanted to try and do something about that – Ali Hassani, UAE Ambassador for the World Literature Foundation

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Volunteering and reaching out to the underprivileged is possibly the most selfless and personally gratifying act. Several people fight battles daily and are at the mercy of difficult challenges – physical, geographical or environmental, that we couldn’t imagine living through. Occasionally engaging in volunteering programs and initiatives will not only give you the enthusiasm and strength to tackle problems but will also inspire in a more profound way.

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We believe to have come a long way in our journey and wish to take an even longer path to make greater things happen for the society – Inara



Sometimes the biggest source of inspiration are the people around us. The colleagues you work with, your teachers at university, neighbours, extended family or even helping staff all have incredible life stories to tell. They’ve all walked on different paths of life so take the opportunity to chat with them and be enriched by what they say. It may just surprise you. 

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The idea is to present much more honest narrative about the community and individuals, it’s about changing perspectives – Tanya Daud, Founder of Qissa Caravan

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The two inspiring groups of individuals are children and the elderly, because together they represent aspiration and achievement. Children are filled with ideas about the future, passion and a desire to break boundaries, the elderly on the other hand are great role models with stories about dedication, achievement and have invaluable advice across all aspects. Try to engage and converse with them at every opportunity because their mindset, dreams, intelligence and even stories will truly amaze. 

The young people I have met recently have shown me that emotional strength can come through on higher levels. We just need to believe in ourselves and to keep our heads up high – Michael Roper, Visionary behind 365 Days of Lent



Successful individuals have one thing in common, an inspirational story of their journey. Their climb to the top is riddled with ups, downs, trying, testing and often several years of hard work before they begin to reap rewards. Often they are admired for their status and stature, however, it’s their patience, determination and even vision which should serve as an inspiration for others. It is important to remember that nobody is given success on a silver platter, however, with the right approach it can be acquired.

It was my dream to sing on a stage just once in my life. But I never thought it was possible. Now, my dream has come true – Bijimol Chalamma, a former bus attendant who won the ‘Smart Idol’ competition and has now landed a prestigious Bollywood recording deal.

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Nature is the best example of inspiration. Watching a sunrise, practising yoga in the park, growing a plant, seeing a shooting star, taking a walk, dancing in the rain, spending time on the beach, going horseback riding or even just feeding birds will give your mind, body and soul a well deserved break from the hectic daily routine. While this may sound cliche, adopting any one of these suggestions a day will completely revive your focus. 

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I CHOOSE to see this world in the most beautiful and perfect light, because what I perceive is what I create. If I choose to wallow in a dark hole of negativity, then that is EXACTLY in what I will live – Kristina, Founder of FullyRaw

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Our history is one of the richest parts of our lives. Embracing new cultures, festivals, traditions and even engaging with people across different backgrounds will open you up to a world of experiences. Exploration is one of the most enriching exercises which increases your appreciation, open-mindedness, imagination and provides limitless inspiration.

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Fulfilling a lifelong dream to see as much of the world as possible, Gurkan, has travelled 35,750 kilometres over 985 days, visiting 31 countries and stopping to give motivational talks of his experiences to schoolchildren along the way – Gurkan Genc, Visionary behind Pedal for Future

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Winning or losing, there is always a gain. The lessons learnt from your ups as well as downs are invaluable and often last a lifetime. While it may not seem like it at the time, taking a step back and reflecting may allow you to see the silver lining. Opportunities are abundant in life, hence, learning, evolving and bettering yourself for the next one should be high priority on your list. 

I wasted four to five years learning right from wrong and adjusting through the trial and error phase, so now I feel why don’t I save these young entrepreneurs the trial and error time so they can jump-start their business in the right way – Sara Al Madani, Owner of Rouge Couture and Educator on entrepreneurship



Appreciating the finer things in life, such as arts, music, poetry, dance, relationships, nature and even animals can prove to be therapeutic and even stimulating. Practising gratitude and adopting a generally appreciative outlook may not stop negative events from occurring, but it will prevent you from over-emphasizing their importance in your life.

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“More than ever, there is a desire now to have something locally made, locally designed. I felt I wanted to create pieces that can really reach everybody and that they can appreciate in their daily lives.” –  Emirati Artist, Azza Al Qubaisi on using indigenous plants and resources to create interactive public art workshops and installations which promote sustainability.


With that being said, we love extending valuable opportunities to all our readers and here is your chance to get involved as well. As part of our ‘Get Inspired Project’ We would like to compile a collection of real life stories from inspiring individuals that have a unique or even motivational story to share. Once we hit about 15 entries, we’ll turn it into a e-book which will be sent to you and excerpts of which, will be featured on our page for the world to see. Additionally, if you are a life coach that wants to share advice, suggestions or tips, we would be happy to spotlight you to our community of international readers as well.

Until we rendezvous again,

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