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Hey everyone, hope all of you enjoyed my previous post on organic skincare where I briefly discussed the dangers of certain ingredients (terrifying, wasn’t it?) and also provided some priceless advice on making the switch to natural. As always, my articles are dedicated to highlighting socially important news, keeping you informed and offering balanced suggestions. This time I’ve begun a segment where I share city wide happenings in a quick 10-minute snapshot, for those interested in the weekly business review, it will be up in a few days so either leave us with your email below or check back soon. So, with that said, shall I get started?

Humanitarian: Pending Meal, An Anti-hunger fight

A noteworthy humanitarian initiative by the name of Pending Meal, is a new concept in Dubai that has gained serious participation since its inception. The idea is that individuals are encouraged to pay food joints in advance for a meal that is in turn given to the needy who come into the restaurant. Several contributors have specifically reached out to cafeterias across the emirates that are frequented by labourers, delivery boys and people who cannot afford a luxurious meal. Great, isn’t it? The inspiration behind the project, is that individuals don’t need to write cheques or wait for a charity drive to be organized to do their part for society, no matter how big or small the contribution anyone can simply speak to restaurant owners about the initiative and bring them on board to feed the underprivileged with their donations. tSMLT5Uc

Fashion and Beauty: A Fashionista’s Weekend

Held at A4 on the 2nd of May, the Pop-Up Party is a day long fashion event that aims to celebrate the community and supports over 20 local designers. Hand selected, this showcase is curated to appeal to fashionistas while allowing them to indulge in a day of shopping, music, goodies, crafting, design and obviously, style! Along with surprise treats, the organizers have customized goody bags for the first 100 attendees packed with products and vouchers from sponsors. Sponsored Giveaway bags at events have become a hot trend that allow potential customers to sample various products before purchasing. What do you think, is it effective? Does it work for you? BeFunky Collage

Art and Culture: The Art Trail

Transforming the inner roads of Al Ghurair, Street Con 2015 is an open air urban art gallery that immerses residents in the local art scene by allowing them to explore live interactive graffiti walls, photography exhibitions, art installations and public art pieces. Apart from experiencing the work of acclaimed street artists and being serenaded by live music, guests also get to try their hand at new art techniques by joining workshops and drawing stations. Sounds like it would be an ideal evening out, right? Running from the 23rd to 2nd of May, over 20 local creatives will be spotlighted and headlining this year’s festival is Eduardo Kobra who is famous for his stunning ‘Walls of Memory’ project. This popular street artist is also known for having transformed the urban landscape of Sao Paolo by creating a sense of nostalgia and helping revive the memory of the city through his art. After its success, he is all set to do the same here too. BeFunky Collage01

Workshops: Legacy Writing 101

In honour of World Book Day, the Dubai International Writers Center conducted a complimentary workshop on writing memoirs led by Dubai-based author Anne Miller. DIWC opened last year and since has been dedicated to hosting year-round programmes, workshops, creative writing classes and lectures on global literature, while also focusing on writings that reflect the diversity of the local community and inviting Arabic and English speaking authors to lead events. Writers and literature enthusiasts only have a handful of places to visit here, so this surely opens up new opportunities, right? Where do you go to satisfy your art thirst? fountain_pen

Culinary Exploration: Bloomies hosting foodies

Bloomingdales has often held Masterchef workshops at its store in Dubai Mall, where celebrated chefs are spotlighted as they recreate delectable signature dishes. This week, the theme is Taste of The Mediterranean where culinary artist Maxime Le Van will be seen in his element giving an eager audience easy tips to recreate his dish at their personal kitchens at home. Ready to get cooking? Mediterranean With that said I bring today’s post to an end. Did I miss out on a social happening? Then leave me a message in the comments below. Also, which event will you be attending? Keeping with the theme of the article, we would like to spotlight YOUR talent. Send us your personal recipe, writing excerpt, art/fashion creation or even a short piece on your passion for humanitarian initiatives and stand the opportunity to be featured on Rendezvous With V. For any suggestions or to simply connect with us, join in on Facebook or even Twitter. Alternatively, we can also be reached on

In the next edition of Rendezvous With V, we will be covering weekly business happenings – investments, corporate opportunities and more so don’t forget to stay connected with us for that.

Until we rendezvous again,

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