Unknown dangers lurking in a Splash of Colour
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Holi is one of the biggest celebrations in the Indian community around the world. During this time, thousands gather for a day of music, dance, feasting on delicacies and more importantly to splash colour and water on each other. Although the festival is celebrated with different traditions across, the spirit of Holi remains the same. It is said that it marks the victory of good over evil, the end of conflicts, forgiving and a day to embrace everyone. To share a lovely quote from NRPIN:

It’s the colour of love and colour of sharing and caring. The colour to express and the colour to connect with everyone…no barriers of age, caste, creed, gender, rich, poor and even colour




Now, in the excitement of it all friends and family members often flock stores to buy colours, glitters, sprays and water guns. Sounds familiar … right? However, due to the demand of longer lasting and intense shades, many times those powders are mixed down with various chemicals. Toxics such as mercury oxide for red, Rhodamine B for pink, chromium Iodide for orange, auramine for yellow, copper sulphate for green and lead for black colours are often used which are easily absorbed and inhaled. Not only are these detrimental to our skin, eyes and even breathing but also bear lasting damage to the environment.

Luckily there is an easy solution to enjoy the festivities and still remain healthy.

V: Various natural products can be used to make vibrant colours – trying mixing tumeric with gram flour for yellow. Powdered roses for red. Flour for white. Henna for green. 

I: In place of powders, make coloured water. Boil beetroots for red, tumeric for yellow, any of the leaves for greens and coffee for brown. Make sure you dilute everything is tons of water so you have plenty to throw.

K: Keep washing off colour to avoid having the powders on your skin for too long 

I: Instead, wear longer clothing so colours are splashed on your old jeans and shirts instead. 

T: Try to mix packaged powders with gram flour to reduce overall harmful effects. 

A: Avoid buying powders that aren’t packed, those are likely to have more chemicals. 

(Easy acronym V.I.K.I.T.A) 

With that being said, let’s talk about some of the fun celebrations that happened around Dubai for Holi:

1) “World Holi Fest” was held at Zabeel Park and featured performances by several well-loved TV stars along with one of Dubai’s most popular – DJ Lemon. Tickets were priced at AED 125 for a couple and children below 12 were free. Not to mention the fact that all the colours supplied were ORGANIC. The only disappointment was that the rain dance was cancelled and more importantly, I would have liked to bring you more of the backstage scoop with your favorites.

Rating: 5/6

World Holi Fest artwork Dubai 23213

2) “ColourLand” was hosted at Creek Park and had a pretty impressive music line up featuring one of the most loved singers of the generation – Mika Singh. Being organized by India Club, special attention was given to every aspect to ensure a great celebration. I would have definitely liked to see this hosted with a smaller crowd on their club grounds.

Rating: 4/6

3) “Rang De” was held at Wonderland and had over 7 artists and 8 DJs playing the latest themed songs.  With sponsors like City 1016, ZeeTV and Zee Cinema, there was unlimited coverage and much of the audience’s celebrations were featured and aired. This Holi event is one of the most popular, which is why the turn out was massive. As we spent most of our time maneuvering thru crowds, it would have been ideal to have VIP areas that allow guests to enjoy with their private groups.

Rating: 3.5/6

Did you think I missed out on something? Then feel free to leave a comment below or get a discussion started on what excites you about the festival. Send in short stories, poetry or even share photos/collages from your Holi celebrations! Be creative and make sure they are colourful! Once we hit about 15 entries, I’ll be happy to feature them in a mini-magazine.

Time for me to prepare for the next post which will highlight Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care – the easy head-toe pampering, brands along with featuring lots more. Please get in touch with us if you want to get involved. Our email is rendezvouswithv@hotmail.com. Alternatively, do add us on BBM – 7D78A71E

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