Held at the HardRock cafe,  I was sent tickets to attend the KK concert. I had arrived around 10pm and the party was just warming up at that point, there were plenty of photographers about to capture the event and lots of people had already hit the dance floor. The crowd was alive and pumped, anxiously awaiting for the evening to begin, among the crowd I had spotted the famous RJs from Radio Mirchi.



About a half an hour later, KK had arrived, and standing right in the front we got the chance to see the show up close. He was a warm personality that interacted with the audience and got everyone singing on his microphone by the end of the evening. He played  some of his more popular tracks which featured ‘Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai’, ‘Zara Si’ among others from his new album. The beat and pace of the songs kept alternating, some of which were more dance along tracks while others were slower and subtle.


The concert went on for about 2 hours and just after midnight the show came to an end. It was a pleasant evening and as always the hospitality and arrangement at the HardRock was well taken care of. I’ve always come there for dinner nights with friends and even hosted a couple of events at the private deck.

Finally, I’d like to share with you 4 tips to help you style for a concert, whether indoors or outdoors:

1 – Choose light flowing fabrics that allow you to move around easily. Ideally opt for mid-length dresses or a classy but comfortably fit top. It will be hot at a concert and the lighter you are dressed the easier it is for you to enjoy.

2 – Choose colours. It makes it easy when you are trying to find your way back to your friends or just need to look good for photographs. Also, the less jewellery you wear the better, you don’t want any accidents where people end up tugging on your necklace or worst yet your earrings.

3 – Try to take a body crossover bag, where it is just big enough to put in your ID, credit cards, money and phone. You don’t want to be worrying about a clutch or a big bag while your favourite song is playing.

4 – Finally, you don’t need to have a fully glam-ed out makeup look. Keep things light and effortless. Recently Benefit came out with a new package called ‘Mom On The Run’, this is a basic makeup set to get anyone looking radiant in a matter of a few minutes. Try opting for something just as simple with a basic moisturizer, pore minimizer, mascara, eye brow shaper, cheek and lip tint. I would definitely add using either a kohl pencil or eye liner, as no look is complete without a sultry eye.

(P.s. I am not being paid by Benefit to endorse their products, this is a personal opinion which is being shared with all of you)

Picture credits: Benefit and Sanish Cherian Photography

Until we rendezvous next time,


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