Hey all, I’m back with more events and more lifestyle advice, suggestions, tricks and tips. So let’s get to it?

One of the big events held last week @ Zero Gravity was Cosmo’s 3 year ‘fun and fearless’ anniversary party. 3 years worth of celebrations were packed into one night and they definitely get full marks for trying. As you enter on the pink carpet, instantly you are welcomed by bright pink lights, friendly faces and upbeat music. It was packed and as you walk in all you notice are crowds of people dressed to kill. Several were seated by the center bar and were sipping mojitos and cocktails, while others were talking and grooving to the tunes. As my friends and I made our way upstairs we were immediately greeted by the smell of great food; overlooking the terrace we began to enjoy the night and were introduced to other like-minded individuals from industry.

Although great preps had been made to ensure every element of the party was in order, somehow it lacked a certain appeal. The basics such as food and music were checked off on the list, however, the party had begun to die down a few hours after it had started and by the time we had finished dinner, the event was almost 75% empty. There were only few photographers to capture the event inside and most that came spent the first hour clicking and nothing after that, hence only a part of the event got covered. Additionally, there were no entertainment ‘grabbers’ organized.

This brings me to share with you 5 top tips to organize a killer party, should you decide to have one:

– Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment! Whether you want photo booths, games, raffle draws, live DJ, a dance floor or a combination of them all, you have got to include an entertainment grabber at any event.

– Papparazi! The best part about any event is looking at the photographs the next day, in this case there were a few photos clicked at this event some of which got featured in various magazines and on the Cosmo site. However, since most people were dressed to kill and everyone brought their swag along to the event, its a shame that only a small portion of it was captured.

– Theme the event! Cosmo’s party scored full on this one as they had the entire event pink-ed out and the music, decor and even food went along with the ‘fun and flirty’ idea.

– Food and drinks! This is another important one. Again, Cosmo scored full on this as they had catered to appeal to people with different taste buds, there was the spanish paella, tapas, poppers and curries along with several other options for finger food. Best part was the dessert section as little tarts and pastries had signature Cosmo fondant shapes adorning them.

– Venue! Chosing a venue is many times the make and break for an event. In this case, the party was organized @ Zero Gravity. While I understand why this was picked, it was extremely way out and not at all centrally located. Secondly, parking was an issue as there was no valet so many of us had to park further out and therefore had some walking to do.

Last but not the least, credit goes to the sponsors Franklin & Marshall – Middle East, #LolitaLempickaME, Flower Boutique UAEMaster Production DesignsColour Masters Dubai and MMGmodels for helping make this event happen and including various treats in the Cosmo goodie bags. Despite it all, we still love Cosmo and look forward to being continuously impressed and WOW’d by all their issues. For now, we can’t wait to see the new issue featuring JLO.

P.s. Credit for all photos used in this post goes to Cosmo.

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