Styling and staying on trend can really depress some individuals. So many feel that their body, their features, their skin tone is not suited to carry what is displayed in shop windows, on runways or even in magazines. Right?

Wrong. This is untrue. The models that are seen on covers don’t even look like themselves in person. They have stylists that handle every inch of their wardrobe, makeup artists, hairdressers and professionals to focus on every aspect of their appearance. Once they are on set, they have custom lighting, cameras in every angle, wind machines, backgrounds and assistants constantly doing touch ups. After which, once the image is on the computer they are manipulated in Photoshop. This is the reality.

But today’s post isn’t about debunking the ‘behind the scene’ myths, its about how you can look as glam-ed out as you want, without doing any drastic to yourself and even without breaking the bank.

Inspired by the Nine West’s recently launched Summer collection, I want to bring your attention to the trend this season: Strong cut outs and patterns on footwear, hats as a new statement piece and finally the colour of the season – BLUE. Focus on wearing light and airy dresses and tops paired with leggings or a pencil skirt that goes past your knees. The latter is great solution for people that are weight conscious but want to look BANG on. A little embellishment also goes a long way, so throw on a chunky pair of studs or head straight for the clustered arm candy look. Keep it sophisticated but very stylish.

Check out the snaps of Nine West’s new Summer collection below. Image credits Club Apparel:

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