Hello, so the Oscars were clearly the highlight of 2014 and the stunner was the red carpet flooded with gorgeous creations. Naturally, its stunning, dazzling and yes, everyone wants to look just as ethereal every time they step out, but most people falter thinking they just don’t have the body to carry it. Right?

Wrong! I’ve seen how frustrating it can be for women to dress themselves, and it is so easy to change that. Please remember that our bodies make clothes look good, not the other way around. We carry designer clothing and accessories, they don’t carry us. Right? Exactly, thank you.

So this 2014, vow to try every style possible, in every shade possible. Yes, even that bright fuchsia embellished top that you never thought could work on you. Venture out!

To help you on your fashion discovery journey, I’ve pieced together a look book inspired by the Oscars that can help you chose cuts, pieces, styles and colors that flaunt your assets!

This style is perfect if you want to have a long, covered look but still look chic. Lots of people from conservative backgrounds are limited by what they can wear and this is a perfect solution to that. Long sleeved with shimmer and beautiful detailing across the waist, what is particularly interesting is if you do struggle with a belly, then you can customize the elastic across the waist to be higher up, so that your entire belly can get covered in the loose fabric below. The high, detailed neck also eliminates the need for any statement jewelry pieces!

From left to right:

1) High necklines with a slit from mid calf down. If the slit is a problem, I’m sure it can be customized so it is completely sewn up. Also, it is not sleeveless so it is perfect for anyone that is conscious about their underarms.

2) Peplum waist is flattering for petite figures but what most people don’t realize is, it also favours other body shapes if paired correctly! It does have a rather deep neckline, so this would be perfect to add a super huge necklace – a great one would be Hampton Reversible bib by Amrita Singh – http://www.amritasingh.com/jewelry/necklaces/hampton-reversible-bib-necklace. The necklace is absolutely stunning and can be flipped over for a different colour. It is a gold-tone brass with 3 strands of gorgeous resin stones in rich colors. An absolute stunner piece.

Another peplum and low neck

3) The last of the 3 is definitely a favourite as it a beautiful silhouette of white, with wispy gold detailing across the top! You absolutely cant go wrong with this. It is long, chic, sophisticated and elegant. The colouring and customization options would definitely make you the WOW factor of any event and the best part is any body shape can carry it.

Now, I did happen to come across the site newyorkdress.com, and they have remakes available, which you can see in the same picture above. I’ve never ordered from them, so am unsure of what their quality is like, however, the styles can also be found in any clothing store so feel free to step into any mall and explore. 

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

A piece like this, which is perfect for anyone conscious about their arms, tummy or thighs! It masks certain areas to highlight the right ones! Even having a top with sleeves like that, paired with your favorite black trousers would be great for a cocktail evening!

Lastly, feel free to jazz up what you already have in your wardrobe, by doing a simple dazzle-ment to your jeans or adding sequins to the neckline. Check out the little instruction collage below for that.

I hope this helps conscious individuals venture out into more daring styles, it is difficult to sometimes, but life is nothing if you don’t at least give it a shot. Dressing differently can do wonders for your self esteem and how you interact with the world. So this 2014, resolve to get fun with your wardrobe!


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