Salt is one food additive that has been used for centuries, to flavour every possible appetizer, main course and even desserts. Naturally, however, every time I dine outside or even prepare gourmet dishes at home, I always use it sparingly.

This stems from being health conscious. In a day where all sorts of health conditions are prevailing because of diet and lifestyle choices, it is only wise to be selective. Fast track to today, and I’ve incorporated dozen more fruits, vegetables and nuts in dishes and always explore gourmet delights which I love to replicate at home and serve to family and friends, all of which are high in nutrition and have very little salt.

Today, however, I came across an article about PINK salt, that’s right … PINK. Coming all the way from the buried salt sea beds of the Himalayas, this salt is almost 200 million years old. Story is, that several salt sea beds were covered with lava all those years ago, and were preserved in a surrounding of snow and ice. This salt has been kept away from modern day pollution and hazards and is literally the purest form of salt available today. Known to have over 84 trace minerals and elements, this salt is packed with goodness and benefits that many no doubt want.

This definitely makes me want to use it more and upon looking into this, I read that there are 7 more types of salt available, depending on your taste buds and health benefits, all of which can be found at the Gourmet Station in Dubai. 

Salt type 1: Cornish sea salt (Dhs27.50 for 250 grams) – Salt hand-harvested from the Cornish Sea, 8m from clear, Grade-A classified water.

Salt type 2: Terre Exotique Diamant de sel et sa sape (Dhs76 for 270 grams) – Pink salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Kashmir.

Salt type 3: Tibetan Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Cubes (Dhs78 for 200 grams) – Pink salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet

Salt type 4: Bali Beach Sea Salt (Dhs44 for 250 grams) – Salt harvested from the seas around Bali, a town with over 1,000 year’s experience in making salt.

Salt type 5: Smoked Viking salt (Dhs68.50 for 225 grams) – Salt made from ocean water evaporated over a bonfire.

Salt type 6: Guérande Fleur de Sel (Dhs49.50 for 250 grams) – Young crystals that form naturally on the surface of ponds in the Guérande region of France.

Salt type 7: Tibetan Classic Highlight salt (Dhs138 for 250 grams) – The purest salt in the world, mined from the Himalayan mountains.


Salt Info and Image credited to TimeOut.

So there we have it. As always, I love bringing my readers and their families the best in life, because it keeps them healthy, aware and wise. Hopefully this segments benefits! In the coming months I’ll be posting some organic ingredients, food discoveries, farmer’s markets and places to purchase great produce. If you would like to see that, stay tuned for the updates.

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