Hello Divas! Hope everyone has been having the perfect weekend. Now that Valentine’s has just passed by, I’d love to grab coffee and sit down to hear the wonderful and lovey plans that everyone had! Mine were absolutely great, but for this evening I’ll be sharing a great event that was held at the Bloomingdale’s Home in Dubai. The great Magnolia Bakery recently had an exclusive Valentine’s themed baking demo session that was led by Chef Kiran. The evening was packed with recipes, tips and tricks, delicious ideas and easy to follow suggestions on crafting perfectly delectable sugary treats. Families and friends flocked in and were super excited to see how the Chef’s creations would unfold and also were excited to prepare the same for their loved one(s).

Check out the sweet and love packed images of the evening, credit to the Bloomingdale’s photographer for these:  

Did you attempt a brand new, but totally delicious dessert for V-day? Send in snapshots with a recipe and get featured on the next foodie post.


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