Fireworks. Blast. New Years. Guinness Record. These words have been heard over several weeks by the local media that built so much enthusiasm for the dazzling firework display that was choreographed to welcome in 2014. As always Dubai sets the bar even higher for every event it hosts, and NYE was no different. The suspense and rumors heard that this display was set to create a new record in the Guinness books had people come in from neighboring emirates and even countries.


New Years in Dubai has always been a blast and literally, this year the fireworks that decorated the night sky had a creative and dazzling array of colours bearing the UAE flag. The mesmerizing display encircled the Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands and Burj Al Arab amongst hundreds of other locations and thousands of people were spell-bound after viewing the spectacle.

This was made possible by the vision of the ruler and was executed and choreographed by Phil Grucci. He has been no stranger to this caliber of events as he executed the fireworks for the launch of Atlantis in 2008 and in recent times for Expo 2020. Still, anyone attempting to break a World Record on the biggest night of the year will be put in a nerve-wracked state. The countdown to midnight would have been a moment of last minute checks and instructions, and finally as it struck 12 the welcoming of 2014, was a larger than life experience.



They dazzled, they wow-ed and they made history. The bid to break the world record for the world’s largest fireworks display was turned into a reality. Some 450,000 fireworks were flown in for the occasion and the months of preparations, resulted in a spectacular success.

The show broke the previous world record held by Kuwait and over 400,000 shots were fired, with the show being broadcasted live on Dubai TV to millions. The fireworks were accompanied by a series of amazing scenes designed exclusively for the event and set to a specially choreographed musical soundtrack. It was inaugurated  with a ‘flying falcons’ display at the World closely followed by the fireworks on the Palm Jumeirah, a 15-minute display that spanned the Jumeirah beach, Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Hotel in the background.

2               2014_downtownddubai_1_gallery

Currently Dubai holds the World title and perfect moment to the night was as red and silver fireworks cascaded over the world icon – Burj Khalifa. The tower, was highlighted when the fireworks that surrounded it, were created in the shape of the Hymenocallis desert flower petals – from where the Burj Khalifa’s design came.

5               4

The six-minute event that spread across 100 km seafront, had been 10 months in the making and needed over 200 pyrotechnicians on site, alongside the team of 1,000 and the many emergency services around The Palm.

An event executed with much attention paid to detail, now holds the coveted titled given to them by the Guinness World Records.  The bar has now been set higher and we can only dare to dream what the next record breaking extravaganza will be like, our fingers are crossed for what may come next and we thank the ruler for making this city that strives for new possibilities.

What To Expect for My Next Post: Having graduated in Design and Architecture, creativity is in my blood. Therefore, my next post will focus on how I would have designed the event of a lifetime.

Au revoir for now,


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