Hello readers! Rise and shine on this beautiful Saturday. Here in Dubai its a sunny morning, and we are still lounging and listening to some great music to start the day! As I sit with my cup of green tea and editing my post for today, let me introduce you to an interesting project I came across, which aims at inspiring volunteers to dedicate their free time to work towards causes or assisting non-profit organizations. 

Volunteer in UAE is a group that was founded in 2008 by Lola Lopez, an organization whose sole mission is to assist any worthy charity/organization/cause, by bringing together residents that are eager to support and volunteer their time to give back to the community. They frequently provide various opportunities to help the underprivileged and one such event they recently hosted is titled ‘Action for Animals’. A project that was brought about to provide care and attention to animals that are unwanted, mistreated and abandoned at shelters by their heartless owners. Usually at these centers, it is very difficult for the staff to give every animal their personal care, however, on this volunteer day several came to assist and took on basic tasks like walking dogs, grooming cats/dogs, bottle feeding kittens and taking on administrative tasks at the center. It was an incredible opportunity for all individuals involved as they connected with the animals and got to be a part of their lives, even if it was only for a few hours.

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This event brings to light a very serious topic. It sickens me to think that animals in today’s day have become an object of convenience, which are used for entertainment and then abandoned at shelters or left on the streets when they become a liability. I am bringing this to your attention, because we live in a society that seems to accept this as a norm and this ideology cannot be right.



In today’s day, volunteering  is more important than ever and by far it is one of the most rewarding ways to give back to society. Several relief and aid organisations rely only on volunteers to keep overheads at a minimum whilst ensuring that every dirham possible goes to those who need it. Join in, even if it just for a few hours and help make a difference to the world you live in.

Location: Sharjah Cats and Dogs Center

Sharjah Cats and Dogs Shelter, (SCADS) are a non-profit organization, who need the support to help the many abandoned dogs and cats that find their way into their care. Currently they have 40 dogs and over 30 cats who need a lot of love and attention, which is where we all should step in.

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There are various unique initiatives and if you are interested in similar other upcoming projects and would like to know how you can do your part with various organizations, then leave a message in the comment spot below.


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