The concept of The Act was created to bring forth beautiful culture arts and to keep alive the Las Vegas inspired performances internationally. Classy performances, story telling and stage arts has taken a back seat in recent times and this unique concept aims to revive what was once indulged in, only by royals. Several hundreds of people have been educated on the art of performing and designing by the means of The Act and what started out as only a business venture has evolved into creating experiences, establishing new art forms and blending fashion, culture and theatre.Created by Simon Hammerstein, the Act combines nightlife and dining into a unique package. The venue, located at the Shangri-La Hotel, is the highest theatre-venue in the world and the design is  …. Baroque theatre! The main VIP area surrounds the main stage and cosy private theatre-themed booths allow all to enjoy the various acts while eating delicious Peruvian food and the various signature dishes offered at The Act.

A recent event, featured by THE ACT @ the art nights hosted in the Uenergy Gym featured just that. A new location, but the same classy and sophisticated performance. Check it out below:

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