An event that was once dedicated to all the Brides-to-be has now evolved into a glam-ed out soiree that caters to every single type of garment or accessory that any fashionista of Dubai can possibly demand. The sheer chic factor of the event screams for attention from every single diva in the city and quite frankly it is one that should not be missed.


As soon as you walk in, the entrance hallways bombards you with the different colours and jewels that are on display. The inner circle of the venue hosted couture outfits while the extreme outer corners of the room had chocolate and dessert tastings. The one particular stall I had visted at the start had a massive collection of statement necklace pieces! They had jewellery that could be paired with an office attire to a birthday bash cocktail dress to a high class ballroom gown could be found at this vendor’s stall. I had tried on so many different pieces before finally selecting one delicate gold and black one that I could pair for my upcoming high tea event.

Moving a little further I went to a couture wedding dress stall that had the most killer fashion styles you could possibly find. Everything from Deepika’s Diva lengas to Kareena’s Daredevil Backless Anarkali dresses were available here. The colours and style possibilities were endless and quite honestly the dream would be just to buy every single one of the outfits!

Towards the end, I had the priveledge of sitting in on the fashion shows being conducted by the Bridal Affair and was blown away by the attention to detail that all the designers had put into their work. Although the choice of background music could be a tad bit better, the overall finese of the event put that minor detail out of mind. A nice little comic touch to the event was the photobooth that featured funky neon signs that spoke of mostly bridal and wedding things. A lot of the to-be weds went to have a little fun and were lucky enough to be snapped up by major magazine photographers. For all of us it was a perfect end to a perfect event.

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