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Now, most people that meet me are quick to know that I love creativity. Any form of creativity!! Recently I came across an article that listed the top AWESOME lounges that have nicely designed reading/art areas which not only spark creativity but also offer lovely dishes and canapés. While I was used to being at the Pavillion Downtown for this, I am now tempted to explore some of the suggested options where I can have a new lounging space to kickback.

Being a recent graduate of Architecture in Dubai, my instinct is always to observe the interiors and buildings in the city. The best part is all the lounges I found on that article have uniquely designed features and spaces, that welcome and host marvelous designs for their visitors, I cannot wait to be another one to experience, capture and comment on these.

In addition to being a design lover, I am also a total foodie but am also extremely conscious of what ingredients are used in my food. So many dishes we eat daily have an obscene amount of additives, preservatives and chemical compounds. Quoting a relevant and recent blog post by the author ’Changing Liz’:-

‘It seems to me that obesity (and other life threatening diseases) is an endless cycle created by big corporations that produce processed foods at a cheap price. If we don’t have the funds to eat healthy we are forced to buy unhealthy food. If we continue to consume unhealthy food we are more likely to develop a myriad of life threatening diseases and the insurance companies get richer.’

So with that said, in all the lounges mentioned below, I will focus on how we can go to the trendiest of dining places and still eat healthy on a reasonable budget. Everything I ideally chose will be fresh, nutritious, delicious and packed with vitamins. Stay tuned for my reviews on these 5 places:-


Switch @ Dubai Mall


Zaroob on Shk Zayed


The Archive @ Safa Park

The Archive

BookMunch Café @ Wasl Square


The Jam Jar @ Al Quoz


If you have already visited these places and have a recommendation on what I should try while being there, or better yet would like to time your visit around mine — Leave a message in the comment section!

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